Thursday, April 8, 2010

America - Where are we heading?

I woke up this morning to the sight of our Teleprompter in Chief, giving away what has kept us safe for so many years, & the right to use them. Never in my 40 years have I actually felt so unsafe, & unsure of what is happening & what is coming to America. This administration has taken control of car companies, insurance companies, banks, the healthcare system (1/6th of the economy), & college loans, with much more to come. This is a travesty! If Freedom is supposed to prevail, why are we losing? Why are we allowing our children & grandchildren's future to be decided & destroyed, before they are even born?
We are not only fighting for for out future, but for those who we leave behind. What scares me the most is that my children will not have the same opportunities & the same life that I was afforded. At 40 (ok, almost) I have lived a full & fruitful life & all I want is for my children to do the same, but sadly, it doesn't look like they will. Our children deserve better, they deserve more, they deserve what the heroes that have died to ensure freedom for this Country gave us.
Socialism will become the norm. Trillions of dollars will become the norm. Take over & government control will become the norm. UNLESS we stand up & stand together as AMERICANS, all of this is & more will continue to happen.


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