Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Con Just Keeps Going

Tier 5 Unemployment Benefits Extension 2010 – A Desired Lifeline for Long Term Unemployed. The Tier 5 benefits extension has yet to be passed, as a political game of back and forth in Washington has ensued. Not only are citizens concerned about the future of their families during this tough time, but many are at the end of their ropes.
The Tier 5 benefits extension wouldn’t be such a big deal if Washington wasn’t spending so much money on other programs. For instance, we just had a trillion dollar overhaul in the health care system and that money could have been used to help the bread and butter of American lives.
The Republicans won’t sign off on a bill unless it’s funded. Democrats point fingers at Republicans for holding the bill up. Republicans reply back that if the Democrats hadn’t spent so much money already on other programs then they wouldn’t have a problem with passing a bill.
To make matters worse, the Continuing Benefits Act of 2010 was signed by President Obama, and it claims to extend benefits for 2 months. Many were excited until the fine print was read – the extension is only for those who still have benefits remaining under tiers 1-4. It does nothing for those who have exhausted benefits.
So now we have hard working Americans that once helped pay into the system losing their homes, dignities, and families. These aren’t people who don’t want to work. These aren’t people who lived off the system all their lives. These are honest people who lived modestly and within their means. These are people who have made wise decisions and paid their taxes.

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