Wednesday, April 14, 2010

California Style Gun Control Coming To You

In 2005 the Republican Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, signed AB50. This bill banned the sale of .50 caliber rifles in my state. Evidently these unwieldy forty pound monstrosities which are terrific for hobbyists out in the desert honing their sharpshooting skills were to become the preferred weapon for gang members and bank robbers as they are so easy to transport and conceal; and cheap too, about $7,000.00 a pop (just what hoodlums are looking for).

The California Governor’s action cautioned of a hostility toward conservative principles that would manifest itself in coming years and revealed that his party affiliation was nothing more than a calculated and politically expedient choice to run for office.

When men like these call themselves “Republican” we shouldn’t be surprised when the American people reject others with that moniker striving for high office. The argument, “Well at least he’s not as bad as the other guy”, doesn’t get the needed voters to the polls.

In 2006 the senior Senator from my state, Dianne Feinstein, lamented, “The threat posed by the easy availability of the .50-caliber sniper rifle could endanger our border patrol agents and hinder our ability to control our borders.”

Imagine that? Senator Feinstein is suddenly concerned about controlling our borders!?

Feinstein declares, “We only want common sense gun legislation!”

Just in case you have not been paying attention, “common sense gun legislation” means banning all semi-automatic weapons and all handguns. If politicians like Feinstein and Schwarzenegger can’t get these bans outright, they’ll get them by making firearms so expensive and so difficult to manufacture that high costs will stop the industry in its tracks.

On January 1, 2006 new regulations went into effect supported by our governor. Since then only two new pistols have been approved to be sold in the state, the Ruger SR9 and the FMK 9C1 manufactured by my company. On September 11, 2009, FMK Firearms became only the second company to manufacture a semi-automatic pistol to pass the 2006 specifications.

Today any new pistol sold (or manufactured) in California must have a chamber load indicator and a magazine disconnect. Without these features the gun is considered unsafe and illegal to sell in California, however, many guns are currently available for purchase in California without these features. Any products which existed for sale in California prior to January 1, 2006 and were on DOJ’s Centralized List are considered “safe” and any introduced afterward even with identical features are determined to be “unsafe”. A peculiar method in which to determine whether or not a product is safe—if you ask me.

At first glance, it might not seem such a huge hurdle to add a chamber load indicator and mag-out safety to a firearm. A handgun is a fairly small device with scant room for added features, here are the specifications: More below!

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