Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fall Forecast

This forecast for our future is looking pretty bleak, no matter how optimistic you are. If we hope & wish for the best, it will be a long & hard road. If you look at the worst, God help us all. My personal outlook is somewhat optimistic, but looking over my shoulder for the worst. Myself & some of my family members have taken steps (although not enough) for when the SHTF (shit hits the fan). We have really done nothing more than prepare for a hurricane, ok, a bunch of them, one right after another. If someone said there was a hurricane coming, would you prepare? If someone said it was going to flood, would you prepare? If someone said the dollar was going to collapse, the country would go into depression, food would become scarce, inflation would hit everything, and gas would go through roof, would you prepare? Most are not.
I have listened to all in the media & so called economists who put out propaganda & who have been wrong on the economy, along with everything else they report on & then I have listened to those who have predicted the crash in the late 70's, early 80's, 90's, 2001, & then 2007-2008. Do you listen to Katie Curic who is one sided, Fox News who is fair & balanced, or trend forecasters who don't have an agenda, just who get it? What the last administration did at the end of their term, was not good for the economy or this country. What this administration has done, is put the gas peddle as far down as it can go & steering us for the cliff.
You have to ask yourself this question. Is Hussein Obama & this administration really really STUPID, or are they doing this on purpose? These are the only 2 answers, pick one. Either way, were screwed & our way of life will change, sooner or later. I am not suggesting we give up & give in to this new rule of law, but merely to be prepared & read the signs of what is coming. I pray to God that I & others are wrong, but if we are not, here is what I have done.
I have about 800 bottles of water ($100), 150 cans of food ($100), pasta, Ramen soup, MRE's, sugar, flour, salt, beans, medicine, first aid kits, & many other items. You can call me a nut, don't really care, my family will be taken care of if we have a hurricane, dollar collapse, complete financial collapse, or hyperinflation. I make no suggestions to friends or claims to have inside information, but merely read over 15 publications (right, left, up, down, & sideways) & read over 10 internet sites to get my information. I report it, you decide. Have a great evening!

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