Friday, October 9, 2009

Obama & the Nobel Peace Prize?

I am still trying to gain my composure after waking up to this, early this morning. First off, the President has done nothing to warrant the Nobel prize, much less anything else. The deadline for the finalist for the Peace prize was mearly 2 weeks after Mr. Hussein Obama took office. He barely had time to find the crapper in the White house, much less do anything worth while to recieve this. As a friend of mine Jake put it today, it's nothing more than an MTV award, it means nothing anymore. They gave the same award to Jimmy Carter a few years ago & now the 2 of them are battling it out for the worst President in History. To further prove this, they gave the same award to Al Gore for his efforts on Global Warming, which now has been proven to be bogus. Thus, Al Gore won an award for lying, Obanana won an award for...........? Carter won an award for building houses & appoligizing for America. UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Somebody please tell me what I am missing? Am I a racist? Do I have so much disdain for this man that I can't think clearly? I don't think so. Unlike the state run media, I think for myself & I can smell a pig when I see one! Does the left not see how stupid they look? Everyday I wake up & I am amazed at what is going on. Everyday is truely a new day with this administration & the thugs in the media. When will this nightmare end? When?

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