Monday, October 5, 2009


The whole premise that unemployment is a lagging indicator, is flawed. The economy is 10 times worse than the media or administration is willing to admit or report. Real unemployment is around 16% to 18%, as it used to be reported before the Clinton's had it changed. Obama & Bernanke have both said that the economy is recovering! Where? Record unemployment, record personal bankruptcies, record business bankruptcies, Banks failing weekly, companies downsizing, & there is no spending! Where is the recovery? This country is being drained of it's resources & being sent into oblivion. President Hussein Obama promised that he would transform this country, which he is, one freedom & liberty at a time.
What people are seeing around the country now, is nothing to what is coming our way. Tarp, stimulus, deficits, debt, monetizing the debt, and corruption, none of which is working & all is tearing this country apart, from the inside out. Unemployment will not come back until companies start hiring. Companies will not hire until people start spending and the economy comes back. People will not start spending until companies start hiring and so the vicious cycle starts all over again. We are going nowhere, fast.
Where I live in Katy, TX, you really don't see much of a depression like you do in the rest of the country. Our homebuilding has slowed to levels not seen in years, but not much else is affected. Being in business, I speak to people from all over the country on a weekly basis, and let me tell you, we have it good in Texas. Though we don't feel the pinch as much as most, I am taking precautions to make sure that when it finally hits us in the Lone Stare State, my family and I are ready for anything, and I mean anything.
With all of this being said and this being my first post on my blog, good night, and have a wonderful tomorrow. Please check back daily for a new post or story.

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