Thursday, October 8, 2009


Our America is being destroyed & pulled apart from the elite in power. We have unemployment at almost 18% (9.7% reported by the state run media) & rising, & an almost 1 TRILLION dollar stimulus package that is not working & was never intended to work. The stimulus package was to serve the fat cats in congress & their corrupt cronies around the country with bogus grants such as: $246 million earmark tax break for Hollywood movie producers to buy motion picture film, $448 million for a new Homeland Security Building (we have over 400,000 sqft of office space unused by the government), & $75 milion for "smoking cessation activities. Ok, you get the point. At this point in time, only 10% of the stimulus has been spent, yet Mr. Hussein Obama says that he has created over 750,000 jobs. Really?

Last year the TARP program was nothing more than bailing out the FATCAT bankers & their cronies in Washington, so they could then go on & make billions less than a year later. Goldman Sachs was saved & yet we let Lehmann Brothers fail (Goldmans biggest competitor) & that's supposed to be ok? Goldman Sachs is so wrapped up with the FED, Treasury secretary, and many other FATCATS in Congress. Corruption is rampit in Washington & has been for years. Charlie Rangel has cheated on his taxes & THAT'S OK!!!!!!!!! Tim Geitner cheated on his taxes & he works for the Treasury. Due to the Administrations fiscal policy, the dollar is folding like a cheap tent, gold & silver are on the rise, the IMF, UN, & many countries want a new Global Currency & that leaves the US in the tank.

California is broke as is 42 other states, medicare & madicaid are going broke, Social Security is already broke, Amtrak is broke & looses a billion a year, the post office is broke & looses money, & everything else that the govenment touches. Tax incomes are on the decline across the country, which is leading to budget deficits, as well as overspending. Things are so bad that colleges are reporting a huge decline in donations & are having to raise tuition & sell assets.

The housing bubble is just getting started with the next crash being the ARM resets. When the 5-7 year loans reset, it will be worse than the sub-prime crisis that got us here. Then there is the commercial realestate crash that is coming. This is said to dwarf the housing bubble. If both of these happen, which they will, look for more banks to fail & more TARP programs.

Healthcare reform & Cap & Trade are nothing more than a POWER GRAB! They don't want to fix healthcare no more than they want to help the enviroment. Healthcare is about having power over all Americans & their bank accounts & having it all tied to the IRS. Why is the IRS involved in fixing healthcare? Why are our bank accounts involved in fixing healthcare? Cap & Trade (TAX) is nothing more than making money for Al Gore & his cronies, generating tax revenue, & having power over the American people & companies. It's all a scam!!!!!

When more Americans wake up & see what is going on, get involved, talk to people, spread the word, we might be able to defeat some of these atrocities being commited against us. We are going down a long & rough road in this country & it is only going to get worse. Be prepared, get involved, & get ready for the worst! God bless our country, we need it.

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